Mukoma Wa Ngugi

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of practical needs. It's not that simple

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We Are Sailing 

Finally in Kenya after a three year
absence, I am alarmed. It feels like
a ship whose cargo is a terrible future
of violence has already set sail from
the distant hell of Africa's past and
is heading for our shores. It will dock
in the near future.  And we, the
politicians, political activists, writers
and intellectuals, are simply bickering
over what exactly this ship may

 With so many African's making their living abroad, Mukoma wa Ngugi argues that goverments back home need to speak up for them and oppose their discrimination by the West.
International Herald tribune: July 25, 2008
History is not done with us  Radical History Review
Volume 2005, Number 91, Winter 2005 

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October 23, 2008 - Issue 296.